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We're passionate about bringing affordable quality African/ Caribbean Food groceries to your doorstep.

About Olumo Foods

About Us 

Olumo Foods is a family owned online food business specializing in quality African & Caribbean Food groceries from around the world. Our specially selected vast range of products varies from spices and food seasoning to poultry, seafood and selected drinks and grains. All you need to do is call us or visit our online e-commerce store, select your products pay and we deliver your groceries to your door step.
Our relationship with all of our esteem customers is one we cherish and we working harder to make your shopping with us a memorable one. 
We are proud to be involved with 'Ingenious Darlington' a great platform to promote local business within Darlington.

Our Driving Force

Our Passion

We're passionate about bringing affordable quality food groceries to your doorstep.

Our Vision

Making quality online African & Caribbean Food groceries shopping easy and affordable!

Our Brand

Our branding logo was created using the concept of traditional fabric print popularly known as ''Adire'' or "Tie & dye" It was first manifactured in the early1920's and it originates from the South West area of Nigeria in a town called Abeokuta in Ogun State. Our family originates from this town.